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Prodigal me

At the end of the day, when we are spent and tired of being tough for God, for people, for ourselves, and we need to collapse into a Father’s embrace, He is there. No matter how much we’ve impressed or disappointed ourselves and others, He always sees through to His little boy or girl with tender compassion. His arms are always open.

When we feel afraid to be so vulnerable with Him because we question whether or not He will still love us so much, or want to take care of us, He asks, “From where have you come, prodigal son? And still I have run to meet you with a hug like I would my One and Only Son!”

Do we have the sense yet again that we come in rags? Bare feet? Alone? Malnourished? Even bleeding? Will our Father change His mind about us this time if His first response was to run to us, and not away?

Jesus, our dear older brother, once wept before our Father in rags, bare feet, alone, malnourished, even bleeding. So we can fellowship with Him in brokenness. He has been there. He went there for us and still goes there with us.

Though we come to our Father empty handed, He is not empty handed. He holds the robes, the shoes, and the food that Jesus gave up in order to give to us. And He knows us. And He clothes us. And He loves us as His own.

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