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Knit tenderly together

“You’d be surprised at what your soul wants to say to God.”

There is a you beyond the positions you hold, deeper than your relationships can define, past the walls you hide behind. Have you forgotten what you look and sound like?

You come out, but only in your armor, and though it offers protection, it can be so heavy, so isolating.

You want to be free. You want to be seen. But underneath all that metal you are fragile. Underneath the layers you are naked. You are breakable. God forbid you be found desperate, only to be rejected.

By you, I mean your soul. Your soul is the essence of you. Your soul is untouchable, yet incredibly vulnerable. The you that nothing in this world can add to, or subtract from. Yet it can be found, and it can be lost, and it can be safe in the presence of God.

You have withdrawn from the world with good reason. You have hidden from family, from friends, even from yourself because you’ve been broken. But why have you run from your God?

He sees the you he knit tenderly together before you had a name, before you had a pretty face. As you breathe he hears the you that he loved as a heartbeat. Before you were clothed he held you so close. You could never add or subtract from his everlasting love. You meant the world to him before you meant anything to the world. More deeply than you know, you are known.

When you call his name, when you stop long enough for a conversation, you’d be surprised at what your soul wants to say.

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