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The BelovedĀ 

I stepped into the light and stood
Naked, and terrified
I must hide my bruises, I thought
I’ll die before His eyes

“Not My eyes” He said tenderly
“But yours, you cannot bear”
His perfect gaze arrested me
Before I could go anywhere

How could He look at me so long
As if He were in love?
He’ll soon realize I’m not the one
Who He is dreaming of

Then as I turned away, I saw
He was welling up with tears
All I do is hurt the ones I love!
Cried my relentless fears

I’m sorry, I had meant to leave
Before I caused you pain
Forgive me, let me go and grieve

But the look in His eyes was the same

Beloved..” His only response, and He wept
“Beloved..” ’til He gathered Himself,
“I cry for all the pain you have kept
And for how you have hated yourself”

I would not need another word
And a thousand hadn’t said it
As He so graciously uttered
The truth I most feared, and needed

If it wasn’t for the way He spoke
Or the love I felt so true
Or the sound of His beautiful voice, as it broke
I would have been torn in two

What silence pulsed through my wounded soul
What painful, bitter tears
I had suffered my very own betrayal
Not His, after all these years

No sound, no movement, until I fell
Into arms I could feel this time
I trusted Him then, even more than myself
To give me love, until it was mine


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To Love Him

Oh, that I might know my Beloved
As I am fully known
His face I seek, his soul I covet
To love so well as my own

He loved, how he loved through throbbing pain
That I could have taken away
If only I had come to him in the garden
Before he collapsed to pray

How greatly he longed that midnight hour
Which never seemed to pass
I slept, all while he felt the power
That I would be his at last

How vulnerable, with his arms wide open
Did he cry my name, and gave
His heart, his all, as his passion was proven
Greater than the power of the grave

Unoffended, though bearing every offense
Unhindered, though nailed to a cross
He purposed himself at the greatest expense
To be mine, counting all else as loss

Oh may he have what he wept for
With sweat as he bled and bled
He wanted me and nothing more
Than to be my Beloved

And may I, even I, whom he has won
Though I’ve wounded him beyond words
Make him so glad from this day on
With joy only love affords

His love, once spurned and unrequited
Shall ever be returned him
As true as my whole heart has ignited
Like it never once burned dim

And may I so touch his aching heart
With pure and holy tenderness
That I may mend what I have hurt
Before I knew who he was

That he could long for my embrace
And know a warmth like his
That he could savor my fragrance
And taste my name sweet as a kiss

Yes as he is mine, so shall I be his
And if I have one truest passion
In living, in dying, it is only this
To love him so well in return

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