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I slept, but woke before the dawn
As if he called for me
A dream? But then he called again
My love? How could it be..

“Open to me” he whispered through
The lock, and I arose
His hands, his hair, dripping with dew
Yet hidden in shadows

I can’t, I thought, I’m much too weak
Too poor for him to love..
Though he was all my heart did seek
And all my soul dreamed of

Then his face.. how I longed to see
Til I flung wide the door
But he was gone! So suddenly
I sought him all the more

Not here, not there, through the city
I roamed and searched and cried
“My love, my love, come back to me
I will let you inside!”

I thought I saw him in the crowd
I stopped.. I felt him touch my skin
Oh my heart! I turned around
But it was just the wind

“Oh Daughters of Jerusalem
If you find my beloved
Please, I beg of you, bring him!”
But I was pushed and shoved

Oh Heart of my own heart, return
Or I will faint with love
Your frame, would I but once discern
And it would be enough

Lover of my soul, impart
The words I long to hear
That we, though once torn worlds apart
Will draw forever near


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