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More than we thought

Each of us possesses a great capacity that, unless God himself fills, will exist as empty as darkness in his absence. The soul can be filled with nothing less than God himself. This says everything for us. We were made for much more than we thought. We were made for God.

I wonder if it is better to believe in no God at all, than to believe him to be passive, or distant, or small. To be blinded by what we thought we saw. He is the meaning in everything we have ever experienced, yet still the element in everything we so desperately miss. He is the one we are looking for in everyone else. He is the more we’ve been hoping for. He is the voice, the face, the fragrance, that ruins us for less. Do we know how much we’ve missed him? He is the reason our hearts are broken beyond repair, until he dwells unparalleled there.

Life is beautiful, but unless we live in his presence, we are always on the outside looking in, and despite so much goodness – oh, how it escapes our experience.. But his presence, mysterious as it is, welcomes us in. With him the sunlight warms our souls and not just our skin, and life springs up from within. With him we become as fragrant as the flowers, as weightless as the wind. With him we enter in. Impossible as it seems at first, after living in such perpetual disconnect, the moment we break through it feels as natural and easy as breathing to do. And we will exist in spiritual depression unless we believe there is enough of heaven here for us to live on.

Yet what is heaven but the promise of the one we’ve so terribly missed, but have forgotten, despite how we’ve ached for him. Our hearts remember home, though we’ve lived as orphans. Our bodies remember being held, despite our disconnection. And heaven is the promise that we’ll be reunited again. Though now we may live in a certain degree of separation, then we will know constant invitation, continual communion.

We will know glory that outweighs our pain at the sight of his face, as we do here in moments, in glimpses. We will see heaven work backwards (as C.S. Lewis has said) bringing redemption to all that’s been broken. And we will realize we haven’t actually missed a thing, despite our grieving. And all we thought we were missing, or losing, in living, will be ours even more than it had been before. This is the promise of heaven. All will be restored to us again, even God himself. It’s him for whom we’ve been designed, and heaven for which we’ve been destined. And God, so relentless in his kindness, will break our hearts if he must, in forbidding us to settle for less. But oh, how we will credit him our truest friend in the end, 

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