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If you must

I put up a good fight, or so I thought, until you proved me wrong. Between us, I can’t say who’s more stubborn, but you for the good, and me, a rebel without reason. There’s no sense in fighting love. Yet I struggle until dawn. I reach for the light while resisting the sun.

I’ve prayed to be free, but to break from your embrace would mean the death of me. I cannot withstand gravity.

There’s a storm on the horizon and I can’t tell if it’s without or within, but nothing devastates like your salvation. You ruin me, for better or for worse, and I have nothing but a promise. And whether or not I believe it, it means everything.

I close my eyes for a moment, and I lay down my weapons, and I admit that my armor was never worth the weight. To prove my faith I’ll let it rust in the rain of your grace. I’ll let the wind chill my soul if you won’t let me go. Only hold me close.

If you must, break my trust until everything I’ve ever loved turns to dust, if that’s all it ever was.

If need be, leave me lonely until I plead your company. Let me struggle until you’re my peace. Let my life be bitter until I taste you so sweet.

I am nervous to ask you so much, but I’ll die if I don’t ask enough. Yet again I say, if you must.

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