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First there is neither love nor fear
Then fear, when confronted
Then fear and love, resisting theĀ other
Until love is perfected

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18

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I came, soaked through with pouring rain
Still dripping in my tattered things
Hoping He’d let me in again
Though I was trembling

My heart beat fast within my chest
To think He might have gone
While I had run away and left
The only home I’d known

But as I thought I’d faint with fear
He opened wide the door
And pulled me close with words so dear
I wasn’t afraid anymore

He washed me ’til my soul was warm
And cleansed me so gently
My wounds felt healed as He touched them
Oh how He cared for me!

He wrapped me in a robe of His
Then to a room prepared, He led
And drew me to Himself to bless
And lift my heavy head

We settled in, and with my weight
I leaned back into Him
And released all my helpless state
Into His arms again

We breathed together, deep and slow
Until our hearts were one
He held me like He wouldn’t let go
Just like I was His own

“Am I?” The question beneath my fears
Was crying inside of me
Then came the sorrow, then came the tears
To think I was unworthy

But He began to kiss my face
Before I could say a word
He answered my cry in the sweetest of ways
Until I could rest assured

So safe and warm I trusted completely
With nothing but myself to give
That He would hold and love and keep me
Even in my weaknesses

How vulnerable, yet strong in His love
I laid with my head on His chest
Perfectly still, and taken care of
’til into a dream I drifted

And as I did I felt His fingers
Tracing the lines of my face
Oh the sweetness, how it lingers
As I remember His grace

As He looked over my fragile frame
With tears He was so in love
And whispered, until He was singing my name
That I was all He had ever dreamed of

Oh, the moments, they lasted forever
As perfectly one we became
Knit sweetly and completely together
While singing each other’s name

After wandering so alone in the cold
Through the woods, from where I’d come
I knew, while wrapped up in comforts untold
His arms had become my home

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Until the Morning

Dark was the night, bitter and long
When I awoke and cried his name
But he was there, humming a song
Before I saw his frame

“Dance with me” I heard his voice
And felt him take my hand
I would! Oh, if I had a choice
But I’m too weak to stand

Then carefully he lifted me
Into his arms, and before long
He held and swayed me quietly
’til I joined him in song

Then I was strengthened just enough
While holding him, to stand
I felt the scars that proved his love
Underneath my hand

And with my feet on his, we danced
As our love lit the night
My heart, so tenderly romanced
Until the morning light

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