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Love’s brutality

God’s love is tough. I’m being reminded that he is God, and I am not. I’m realizing my life is not my own at all. ‘For from him and through him and to him are all things.’ (Rom. 11:36) I make my plans. I take my steps. But he is redirecting my path. What I try to keep alive for myself, he keeps putting to death. Yet I find life in the aftermath.

I’m so fragile. A thousand things could fall apart today that I could never put back together again. The stars could fall. The earth could quake. My family could separate. My friends could walk away. My heart could break. But it’s ironic to think that among the things I can’t control, God’s love is the most threatening force of all.

God’s love is as strong as death and his jealousy is as fierce as the grave. It is a flame that many waters cannot quench and floods cannot drown. It is a consuming fire that burns away everything in its path. It is a mighty wind and a wild current. It weighs like gravity upon my soul and lifts me up like the wings of an eagle.

From the highest mountain to the deepest ocean, his love is. Beyond, before, behind, below, above, around, and within is his love. Greater than the sun, yet present in the atom. It can’t be outrun or undone. It can’t be fooled or controlled. His love is full of intention, precision, perfection. Searching my heart like a surgeon. Shocking me to find a pulse. Running through my veins like blood. Wrecking and redeeming the depths of my soul. There is no place he won’t invade to break me and make me whole.

However tough his love must be on me, he suffered love’s greatest brutality. I am broken, but he was crushed. I am disciplined, but he was punished. I am pruned, but he was abused. I taste only a drop from the cup that he drank to the bottom. I die to live, but he lived to die.

Whatever I must endure for the sake of love, it is only redemption. However I am pressed, it is only for the best. Love will not leave me with less. Love will not rest until I am blameless. Perfected. Wearing white as his spotless bride. Altogether lovely, fully alive.

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