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In my living, laughing, crying, thinking, waiting, breathing, praying… let me not forget the cross. You suffered for me while I went free. You endured torture, shame, mockery. You have proved your love for me.

I have had my reasons to doubt you. I have questioned your love, your intentions. I have wondered why a thousand times and bitter tears have I cried. But when I gaze upon the cross of mine without the dread, with relief instead, what words do I have left? Your blood leaves me speechless.

I have bled, but not like you. I’ve been broken, but not altogether, and always for the better. I have deserved it, but you never did. Yet my tears stained your face. My guilt became yours, as your innocence became mine. And on a terribly good Friday, my first breath meant your last.

You could have died by the sword, or even comfortably in your sleep. But you chose to go through hell that I might go to heaven. And at the cross I find my sin to be worse than I could fathom, but my Savior to be better than I could imagine.

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