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I’m looking outside at the rain and I have this feeling like I’m trying to collect it in my hands, but it keeps slipping through my fingers. God has given me countless blessings, but I can’t seem to keep them. My clothes are soaking through with grace, but I can’t catch the rain. It’s all too much and too little at the same time.

It’s like standing on the opposite side of the train station from someone you want to meet, with tracks in between. Close enough to say hi, but not enough time. And in a moment the feet will mean miles.

It seems the only thing between you and the gold metal is yourself.

It’s being in the right place but feeling like the wrong person. Or being the right person while feeling lost. It’s caring so much, yet not enough. Does it matter if I say ‘I love you’ and mean it when you don’t even feel it?

I think so, because Jesus cries for some who will never see his tears.

I wish you could feel what I do when I think of you, then you would know. How can I be so articulate, yet unable to express it? How can we speak the same language, yet the words be inadequate? Why must love be kept secret? Please Jesus… help them hear it.

I’m at the end of myself, in need of your help. Where once I had feeble strength to claim, now I call your name. Help me to catch the rain.

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