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Something glorious

You were made for a purpose, for such a time as this. Made with precision, wisdom, intention. You were no accident. You were made for glory.

Your days and birthplace were chosen. You were hidden in the womb for a time, but God knew you. You’ll shine dim in the world for a while, but he sees you. Though what you will be can hardly be seen, he sees. And you can believe. Though men have their opinions and you have your visions, what you will be even dreams diminish. You were made to become something glorious.

You were designed with eternity in mind. You were defined the moment you crossed the mind of God. You were formed and shaped in his image, crafted by his own hands. He’s left fingerprints upon your soul, and engraved your name upon his palm.

Live like you do because you are loved already, not because you hope to be. You have nothing to prove. You have nothing to gain and nothing to lose. You will never be loved more, or less, than you are in this moment. You were meant to enjoy it.

The essence of love is the gift of it. If you worked for it, and earned it on condition, you might win affection, but don’t call it love. Being loved was never your choice. You either are, or you’re not. And you are.

Hidden treasure that no one is searching for is treasure nonetheless. Its worth does not depend on being found. But you are being sought out. Even with no eye to see it, a flower is beautiful still. Even while the world is asleep, the stars shine brilliantly. The sun sets and rises to the glory of God whether or not we are there to watch.

So sit down and shut up, or stand out and speak up, but if you never said another word for yourself it wouldn’t change your worth. Work hard, or not at all, but love cannot be bought. At your best or at your worst, when you’re too proud or too ashamed, you will be loved the same.

Go anywhere and love will find you there. Run, but you can’t run fast enough. Be anyone, but you won’t be anyone else. You can’t outrun yourself. You are God’s beloved. Lose all you thought you’d die without, and all you’ll leave behind are lies. You are you, and that’s a beautiful truth.

It’s not who you are that means so much, but whose you are that means much more. God has breathed gold into the dust of what you were. Whether you’re built up by friends or broken down by family, don’t let it sink too deep or forget your identity. Don’t forget who you are, whose you are. Jesus was praised by the crowd that soon left him hanging, ruined on a cross, naked and mocked. But he never forgot who he was. He must have always known that he was God, and you must always know that you are God’s. God’s creation. God’s chosen. A story still being written. A unique fingerprint. A glorious expression. God’s beloved.

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